Privacy Policy

The TRTL store is maintained by mosu forge (telegram – discord – reddit) please contact me with any order inquiries. If you do not want me (mosu) to be able to associate your physical address or name with your online username, please consider contacting me via Reddit with a throwaway account for any order related questions.


This website uses minimal cookies. We keep track if you prefer the dark or light theme, and if you’re logged in. We also keep track of the products you have in your cart. Some external services might also set cookies, but we will try an minimize the amount of external resources used.


We do not use any analytics software to track your behavior on this website at this time. If we do use analytics, we will use open source and self-hosted Matomo.


If you choose to purchase an item from us, you will be required to provide your mailing address for us to send your product to. All transactions can only be paid for with TRTL, so we won’t collect any bank or credit card details. We will keep track of any transaction ids (txid) used to pay for items with.